Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thing #12

I have to admit that I tend to be a "lurker" when it comes to blogs.  I don't really enjoy writing them and I think I finally know why...I don't really feel comfortable talking to strangers so writing to them also makes me uncomfortable.  I realized that even on Facebook where the people that I will comment to are my real life friends I have trouble coming up with comments.  I don't want to come across as "Darth Commenter".  I do agree with the idea that when someone posts a comment they are adding to the conversation and that the comments need to be more than just "that's cool" or "Like".  (That is the button I usually push on Facebook)  I think that is something that I will work on for the future. 
I also found it interesting that the articles commented on the fact that they read and respond to the people that comment on their posts.  I guess that is a good way to expand your knowledge.  It would give you new blogs to read and more comments to make.  :)  I liked the cocommenter feature.  I think that I will need to play with it a little while before I really understand how it works, but I think that it could be a real time saver.
Has anyone tried it out?

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  1. comments do take some practice, but when someone you have been following for awhile comments back to you, it is exciting...and does mean the exchange of info has begun!

    Hope you will find some blogs that you can create a connection...I have learned much in the exchange of comments.