Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thing #23

I have made it to the end of this journey.  I have to say that I really enjoyed learning about a few of the sites that we visited.  I think that my favorites had to do with making trading cards and doing interesting things with photos.  I also like the idea of delicious because it seems to be an easier way to organize my bookmarks.  Many of the sites I have know about for a while, but it was fun to get a chance to be reminded about them and play with them for a while. Photostory 3 is still one of my favorite tools to play with.  I have to admit that if I wasn't in this class I probably wouldn't have finished this journey.  I liked learning about the new sites, but I kept distracting myself while I explored.  As much as I wish I was a blogger, I do not see me continuing to do this.  I like reading other people's blogs and commenting when I feel the need, but I don't like the idea of feeling like I have to keep updating my site.  I think if I had to sum up this experience in a few words it would have to be that this was a wild ride on the information superhighway.  :)

Thing #22

I think that NING is a great tool.  I like the idea that I can post information that is important to the group.  Not stuff like I am eating a sandwich at subway with Suzie.  I looked at all of the sites on the list and I think that I liked Ning for Teachers the best.  I think that is probably because that is still my main focus for the time being.  It gave me some good ideas and sites for my class to use right now. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thing #21

I love using PhotoStory.  I have even used it for several projects with my 3rd graders.  They loved it and their projects turned out really interesting.  The more that they use it the faster they get at setting everything up.  I have also used it several times for personal presentations (family reunions etc. )  I highly recommend using this program for even young elementary age students.  Also I really like how easy it was to upload it into blogger.  I wonder if it will be as easy to add it to the wiki sites.

I really like using the Teacher Tube site for all the videos to share with both my students and fellow teachers.  It keeps me from reinventing the wheel every time I want to show them something new.  I found this video that I am going to share with my students on Monday.  I think that they will really like it and then we will make our own video to share with others on verbs.  This is the link that will take you to the video that I found.  Teacher Tube Verb video

Thing #19

The Web 2.0 site has a great list of the sites that were the best in 2008.  Many of the sites that interested me I have already explored.  I wonder if there are more things out there that would help me more.  I wish that they would have continued ranking sites in 2009 and 2010.  I did like the colorblender.com site because I am looking into painting my bedroom.  It was fun to mix and blend colors to see what would complement them.  I also got some good fitness tips from one of the sites.  I can see using this site to find useful tools if I hadn't been a part of the 23 things activity.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thing #18

Ok... I am sure that if I could ever get it to download I would have liked to play with it.  So I decided to try Google Docs.  There were a lot of cool templates to use there, but I could not figure out how to make the pictures show up in the presentations.  The thumbprint views of the presentations showed the things that I changed, but the presentation didn't have it.  It was also running really slow.  I am not sure if that was the site or if that was my computer,but i know that I don't have 30 minutes to spend putting in one picture on a presentation.  I like using powerpoint and I am now learning about prezi so I think that I will stick with them until I have more time to wait on these tow programs.

Thing # 17

I like the Rollyo site.  I did have a little trouble setting up my own at first.  But I liked using the ones that were already set up.  I found some new sites that I will be adding to my list of good sites to use for math.  I think that if I were to do a research project I would set this up to help limit the results for the searches for my 2nd graders.